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Friday 2015.05.29

Workout of the Day

Level 2

In partners row for 30 minutes for max distance, switching every 500m

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News & Events

Bulletproof Shoulders: Prehab, Rehab and Maintenance for CrossFitters and Lifters

Join Elizabeth and Joey as they tackle shoulder mobility and flexibility issues that challenge good position and make us susceptible to injury.

Announcing The Finalists!

We’re pleased to announce the finalists of our Spring Whole30 Paleo Challenge!

Memorial Day Murph!

On Monday, May 25th we'll be celebrating Memorial Day with a traditional "Murph", followed by cider and wings at Battery Harris! Level 1 and Level 2 classes will meet at 10am and 11am -- you may attend at either time regardless of your level. All other classes are cancelled.


Athlete Profile: Eleni Greenblatt

Name: Eleni S. Greenblatt
Hometown: Deer Park, Long Island
Age: 38
Occupation: Half mom, half real estate broker
CrossFitting Since: January 2013

How have you changed since starting CrossFit?
For the very first time in my life I am comfortable in my own skin. I have always been the type to hide in clothes and now I am so healthy and relaxed which carries over in my family and work. I hope to be a great role model to my daughters and show them with very, very, very hard work you can accomplish anything.