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Thursday 2016.02.11

Workout of the Day

Level 1
Hang Clean

5 Rounds For Time:
4 Hang Cleans
8 Burpees

Level 2
Overhead Squat (5x3)

4 Rounds --
AMRAP in 3 Minutes:
- 15 Overhead Squats, 75/55#
- 10 Lateral Burpee-Over-Bar
- Max Effort Double-Unders
Rest 1 Minute

Your score is total double-unders.


Announcing The Finalists

We’re pleased to announce the finalists of our New Year’s Whole30 Beginner/Rx Challenge! 

The 2016 Virtuosity Open Intramural!

As you may have heard, the CrossFit Games Open starts this week!  Just like last year, we’ll be running an in-house competition around the five Open workouts!

The What & Why of The 2016 CrossFit Games Open

Wondering what the CrossFit Games Open is, and why you should sign up for it? Read on! And don’t forget to register at!

February 6th: Skills & Drills: Prepping for the Open

Did you have to scale last year’s CrossFit Games Open because of handstand push ups, muscle-ups, or toes-to-bar? Do you think you could have improved your scores if your movement had been more efficient? Our Skills & Drills series is designed to help you do you very best on all the workouts this year.


Making the Impossible Possible

Here's a great blog post from the archive. Coach Elasti wrote this a couple years ago, but it's always relevant, especially at this time of year!

Originally published January 2013.


When I started CrossFit four years ago, I never thought I would be where I am today athletically, professionally, and personally. In the beginning, just showing up and getting through the workout was all I could manage. Eventually, I got comfortable and ambitious enough to set some real concrete goals.

My first CrossFit goals were: Get a pull-up (at 36 I had NEVER been able to do this!) and deadlift 200lbs (what?!).

In order to achieve these seemingly impossible (at the time) tasks, I would need a plan. Being part of a community and having access to coaching helped, but I would also have to practice, show-up, and track my progress. What I couldn’t imagine then was how pursuing these goals would turn me into the CrossFitter I am today.