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Tuesday 2016.08.30

Level 1


Goblet Squat Back Squat


5x5 Back Squat

Level 2


Shoulder Strength and Stability


2 Rounds for Time, Alternating with a Partner:
100m Row
200m Row
300m Row
400m Row
500m Row


Saturday August 27th – Sunday August 28th: Schedule Changes

The weekend of August 27th we’ll be throwing our annual Brooklyn Barbell Open and Street Fair! To allow this to happen, we are rearranging the class schedule. Please come join us for a workout in the park, and then stop by the gym to support our weightlifters and check out the street fair!

Saturday September 10th: Weekend Schedule Changes Begin

Beginning Saturday, September 10th, we will be amending our Saturday and Sunday class schedules. Please read on for the new schedule!

Every Sunday in August: The NYC Subway Series

Every Sunday in August we’ll be participating in the 6th annual NYC Subway Series. Join Team Virtuosity for any or all of the four events as we attempt to win the Series for the fifth time!

Saturday August 27th-28th: Brooklyn Barbell Open & Block Party!

We’re throwing a weightlifting party and you’re invited! Stop by over the weekend of August 27th-28th to support our lifting team as they throw huge amounts of weight over their heads, help raise money for our youth athletic program, and check out the awesome food, drinks, merchandise, and entertainment at our family friendly street fair!

September 3th-5th: Labor Day Weekend Schedule Changes

We will be making the following changes to our usual class schedule over Labor Day Weekend.

Monday September 5th: Labor Day Fight Gone Bad!

We’ll be running Fight Gone Bad for Labor Day! This workout is a CrossFit classic — if you’ve tried it before you know how special it is; if you haven’t, don’t miss your chance!


On The Platforms with Ariel Fernandez

In between his clean and jerks, I ask Ariel how much longer he needs before our interview. "Now is fine," he says, loading 10-lb plates on each side of the bar. I tell him I can't interrupt. "No, no, no, not a problem," he says, "I could use the company." The 12:30 class has just finished, and on this day, one of the muggiest of the summer, we're alone. Ariel already worked out in the morning, and I watch as he grips the bar, 155 pounds, hoists it to his hips, whips it up to his shoulders, squats, and then presses it above his head.

When the weight's back on the ground, I ask him what program he's doing. "I guess I'm always training for the Games," he says a little sheepishly, walking toward the stacks of rubber plates. "Which means I have to train what I'm worst at.