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Sunday 2016.06.26

Workout of the Day

Level 1

Deadlift (5x5)

Level 2
Social Sunday
As A Team of 6, For Time --
MF Pair 1, 45 Reps:
Synchronized Deadlifts, 225/155#
Synchronized Burpees
MF Pair 2, 27-18 Reps:
Synchronized Deadlifts, 225/155#
Synchronized Burpees
MF Pair 3, 21-15-9 Reps:
Synchronized Deadlifts, 225/155#
Synchronized Burpees

Time cap: 20 minutes.


Every Sunday in August: The NYC Subway Series

Get ready to represent us at the 6th annual Subway Series! Each week we’ll be visiting a different CrossFit box and throwing down for the glory and honor of Virtuosity! Read on for details!

Monday, July 4th: 2016 JACINTO STORM

We’ll be celebrating July 4th with a traditional “Jacinto Storm”. For those of you who don’t know, Jacinto is an NYC CrossFit legend — the fittest 76-year-old around!  He turns 77 on July 3rd; we’ll be completing his birthday WOD on the 4th!

4th of July Weekend Schedule Changes

Please take note of the following class schedule changes for the 4th of July holiday weekend!

Saturday June 25th: Celebrate Pride!

Stop by on Saturday, June 25th during any Level 2 class for our annual “Pride” WOD to celebrate NYC Pride! All proceeds will benefit Equality Florida’s Pulse Victim’s Fund.

Saturday July 17th: Virtuosity Hiking Club!

Join us every month all summer to get out of the city for some fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors!


Ivan Dimov’s Ambitious Plan To Change LGBTQ Lives In Bulgaria

By Spenser Mes

Last summer, CrossFit Virtuosity member Ivan Dimov was at a party in his native Bulgaria. "I'm outspoken," Ivan says, "and it became kind of obvious that I'm gay." Later that night a teenager approached him, fumbling, nervous. He said he was gay too, and that he didn't have anyone to talk to. "I was probably the first person he ever told," Ivan says.

The moment was pivotal for Ivan, who left Bulgaria after high school to attend Williams College in Massachusetts and has since spent more than 20 years living and working in the United States. “Of course I knew that Bulgaria is not an easy place to be gay,” says Ivan, “but that was when I started to think seriously about what I could do to make things better.”