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Sunday 2017.02.26

CrossFit Level 1


Air Squat
Back Squat


3×5 Back Squat


With a Partner, For Time, Alternating Every 10 Reps:
80 Goblet Squats, 16/12kg
60 Sit-Ups
40 Ring Rows
20 Burpees

CrossFit Level 2

Social Sunday

As a Team of 2 —

Buy In:
2000m Team Row

Rest until final team has completed the row.

Then, For Time:
Partitioning as Needed —
60 Pull-Ups
60 Goblet Squats, 32/24kg
60 Kettlebell Swings, 32/24kg
60 Weighted Lunges, 45/25#
60 Sit-Ups
Perform Together —
60 Synchronized Burpees


Basic Training Hiatus

Please note: Basic Training will be on HIATUS for the duration of the Open (through March 24th) -- both Wednesday and Friday 6:30pm classes will be CrossFit Level 2 during this time!

New Athlete 6-Week Fitness Challenge!

Start 2017 off right with an investment in your health and fitness! We're looking for 20 dedicated new athletes to participate in a 6-week fitness and nutrition challenge! Morning (7am) sessions begin Tuesday, February 21st; Evening (7:30pm) sessions begin Tuesday, March 7th.

Virtuosity T-Shirt Design Contest!

Do you have an awesome idea for a CFV tee? Now it can win you a month of membership!

The 2017 Open Virtuosity Intramural!

The CrossFit Games Open is a five-week competition that starts at the end of February! Each week, CrossFit releases a workout that athletes all over the world complete. We'll be running an in-house competition around these workouts: every Virtuosity athlete will be assigned to a team, either the AM Avengers with fearless leader Coach Morgan, or the PM X-Men with fearless leader Coach Ariel!

The What & Why of The 2017 CrossFit Games Open

Wondering what the CrossFit Games Open is, and why you should sign up for it? Read on! And don't forget to register at starting Thursday January 12th!


Alter Egos: Nick Taylor

Our finest investigative reporter uncovers the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants for our documentary series ALTER EGOS. For this special CrossFit Games Open installment @spensermestel finds out a few things about Nick Taylor!

:: Started CrossFit: May, 2014.
:: Years of CrossFit: 3.
:: First Open: 2016.
:: Favorite Open Workout: 16.5 (also last Friday's workout): 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of thrusters and burpees-over-bar. "It damn near killed me," Nick says.
:: Open Superpowers: Snatches.
:: Open Kryptonite: No-repping other athletes. "If the person disagrees, do you have a conversation right there in the middle of the workout?" (Editor's note: NO! The judge makes the decision about whether it's a good rep or not, and if it's not, the athlete does another rep!)
:: Wish For The 2017 Open: Seated Box Jumps.
:: Loves Most About The Open: The increased intensity.

...keep reading for Nick's real life identity!