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Thursday 2016.10.20

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2


5-5-5-5-5 Romanian Deadlift

3 Rounds Not for Time:
12 Nordic Ham Curls
10 Forward + Backward DB Lunges, 35/25#


Starting Monday October 24th: Monday Night Football

In celebration of football season, we're making our Monday 7:30pm CrossFit Level 2 class football-themed! Every Monday starting October 24th and running through the end of the year, we'll be taking on a CrossFit Football workout in Monday 7:30pm class, then kicking back afterwards to watch the game with a few ciders.

Saturday October 15th: Lux PT Shoulder Mobility and Movement Workshop

Do you have shoulder pain when going overhead with a snatch, jerk, or press? Are you constantly pushing through shoulder pain? Well, it’s time to start working on your shoulder mobility to increase your performance and to decrease your pain and injury risk.

Starting Monday October 3rd: New CrossFit Levels!

We're excited to announce a brand new initiative for October: skill and strength levels for our CrossFit athletes! Our new Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 skill and strength standards will provide a yardstick by which you will be able to measure your athletic progress, and identify areas most in need of improvement.

Starting Monday October 3rd: Extra Credit

As part of our endless quest for virtuosity, we are piloting a new Extra Credit program in October. This program allows qualifying athletes to complete extra programming designed to help them become stronger, more well-rounded, and more indestructible!

Sunday October 16th: The Virtuosity Games!

We're excited to announce the second annual Virtuosity Games! On Sunday, October 16th we'll be throwing an in-house team competition for YOU: all Level 2 athletes are encouraged to participate. No prior competition experience is required!


On The Ground At The 2016 Subway Series

Every Sunday in August, a small but mighty team from CrossFit Virtuosity competed against seven local CrossFit gyms in the Subway Series, an annual competition that crowns the "fittest box" in New York City. Hoping to earn Virtuosity its sixth Series title, our athletes took on four weeks of tough workouts in the Rx and Scaled Divisions. It all started on our home turf in week one.

During the last heat of the last event, a ring of athletes formed around Stephen Moss, the only Virtuosity man brave enough to do "Karen" in the Rx Division. He'd just finished his 125th wall ball shot and was trying to catch his breath. He had 25 more to do in less than a minute. "Alright, pick up the ball," Justin Fansler yelled. Stephen did, and as he finished five more unbroken, the crowd clapped.