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Sunday 2016.05.29

Workout of the Day

Level 1
Overhead Squat

Overhead Squat (5x3)

Metcon: Tabata Burpees
8 Rounds For Reps:
20 Seconds of Burpees
10 Seconds of Rest

Level 2
Strength: 2016 Goal Work
Shoulder Stability
Midline Strength

Social Sunday
With a Partner, For Time:
100 V-Ups
One partner is hanging from the bar while the other performs V-Ups. Must switch when partner drops off the bar.

Cash Out
3x3 Segmented Wall Walks


Saturday June 11th: 2016 Prom – Diamonds & Pearls

It’s that magical season again… and time to break out the hairspray, ‘cause we’re going back to the 80s! So find yourself some fancy clothes, stage a promposal for your gym crush*, and get ready for the party of the year!

Sunday June 5th: OUTWOD @ CFV

We’re excited to welcome back OUTWOD on Sunday June 5th: we’ll be running a big group workout at 11am (arrive at 10:30!) This event will benefit a non-profit supporting LGBTQ youth that’s being launched by our very own Ivan Dimov!

Saturday June 4th: Virtuosity Hiking Club!

Join us every month all summer to get out of the city for some fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors!

Monday May 30th: Memorial Day Murph + Social!

On Monday, May 30th we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day with a traditional “Murph”, followed by cider and wings at Battery Harris! Level 1 and Level 2 classes will meet at 10am and 11:30am — you may attend at either time regardless of your level. All other classes are cancelled.

Friday May 27th – Sunday May 29th: Road Trip – Cheer For James at the CrossFit Games East Regional!

Come with us on a road trip up to Albany to watch James destroy the East Regional!

James will be competing Friday-Sunday — if you have the availability, spending all three days at Regionals is an amazing experience that we highly recommend!

Thursday April 28th: 2016 Beach Season Whole30 Challenge

It’s almost summer… it must be time for another Whole30 challenge! We’re tossing the sugar, grains, and alcohol and getting in a good long stretch of clean livin’ — join us!


Why We Love Gymnastics (And You Should Too!)

Perhaps you've noticed that we've been programming quite a bit of gymnastics work lately. Perhaps you are wondering why. Perhaps you don't consider yourself particularly good at gymnastics and find the experience challenging. Perhaps challenging sometimes verges on frustrating. Perhaps you look at the programmed workout and feel some dismay. Perhaps you decide to skip working out today in favor of tomorrow.

We understand all of these possible feelings about gymnastics. Gymnastics is HARD. But we say to you also, gymnastics is IMPORTANT.