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Our Competition program focuses on preparing participants for CrossFit competition. It is led by our Lead Coach Blanco and CrossFit Games athlete Ariel Fernandez.  This is a higher level class designed for the accomplished CrossFit athlete.  Aspiring competitors must apply to participate by completing the form below.  As a guideline, you should be performing most benchmark workouts as Rx prior to applying.

This program is not for the dabbler or the faint of heart. You will be expected to attend consistently, buckle down, and put in the work that is asked of you. You must strive to be better: better than the person next to you, the one who beat you at last year’s competition, and the one you see in the mirror every day. Your reward will be an athletic evolution.

Group Class Schedule

Class meets Saturdays from 11-12:30; athletes will additionally participate in our Level 2 classes and complete supplemental Level 3 programming.

Getting Started

CrossFit Athletes
$50/month with existing membership. 

You use your existing membership for Competition classes (there is a $50 surcharge per month to participate in this program.)