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Masters is a strength and conditioning class specifically designed for the older athlete. These are slightly slower paced classes that focus on truly functional fitness: increasing strength levels to build healthy bones and muscle mass and keep you walking up and down stairs and carrying your own groceries for many years to come!For all athletes, we suggest a minimum 1 month commitment to this program; for best results plan on at least 3 months of training.

Group Class Schedule

Masters 55+ class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 10-10:45am.

Getting Started

Group Class

Masters athletes can begin in any scheduled class. Sign up online by following the link below, or simply stop by the gym about 15 minutes prior to class to get signed up!


Private Intro Sessions
Begin with 3 private intro sessions: $300.

If you’re nervous about jumping right into group class, or you have significant health or orthopedic issues, work with a coach one-on-one first! This series of three private sessions will get you started.