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Announcing The Winners!

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our 2013 New Year’s Paleo Challenge!

It was a close race, but Bobo and Lucas have emerged victorious! They will each receive $610 (their half of the entry pool) and a month of unlimited membership!

Congratulations also go to our runners-up: OG and Lindsay. They will each receive a month of unlimited membership.

Thanks to everyone for making this another awesome challenge!


  1. the O.G. says:

    recount!!! jk Congrats Lucas and Bobo!
    so does this mean Office Bitches covers all my intern shifts for a month? 🙂

  2. handsome says:


  3. elastigirl says:

    Yes! Great job, everyone!!!

  4. JoshC says:


  5. Lucas says:

    Sweet. Just saw this. I am down in Alabama. We’ve been making up met cons. Like run down that hill around the hunting lodge, do 50 push ups, carry a bag of grits up and over the hill, 20 squats with a tree stump on your back, 60 gun rack pull ups and cash out by wrestling a wild boar.