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Class Schedule

To find out how to begin your training with us, please see Getting Started.

Class Descriptions

CrossFit Level 1 / Level 2

Each of our classes has been crafted with care to give you plenty of time to develop a particular set of skills found in CrossFit training, while of course leaving time for a traditional intense, kick-ass workout that will whip you in to shape old-school!

All everyday classes follow this general outline:

  • Warm-Up
  • Skill Practice / Learning New Movements
  • Strength Training
  • Quick, High Intensity Workout
  • Cool Down / Stretching
Lab Hour

Lab hour is a time set aside for you to develop skills or get in a little extra strength work. This is not a structured class, nor is it a time in which we allow timed workouts (we believe that participating in class is critical to your development as athletes!)

Open Gym

Have a specific workout in mind that you’re just DYING to try, but haven’t seen it come up in our programming? Want to make something up that you missed? Open Gym is your chance to do that.