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Skill Of The Month

The Overhead Squat

Martin hits the bottom of an overhead squat

Martin hits the bottom of an overhead squat

This month’s skill is the Overhead Squat. The overhead squat is a great test of functional core strength and shoulder flexibility. As Coach Glassman says, “With weight, this exercise demands good balance and posture or loads become wildly unmanageable. The overhead squat is a quick punisher of sloppy technique. If shoulders are too tight this movement will give an instant diagnosis.”

Coach Dan John says that 15 overhead squats at bodyweight turns an athlete into “one piece.” Watch Nicole Carrol work towards that goal.

Every day in February we’ll work some overhead squats or drills related thereto into the warm up, the workout or the cool down. We hope that by next month you will all have yourselves a stronger core and more flexible shoulders.