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Getting Started


Step One: Try It FREE!

Free Intro Class
Saturdays at noon.


Getting started is as simple as showing up to a free intro class. These classes are designed to give you an overview of what we do and why we do it! They can be completed by anyone regardless of experience or fitness level.

You will complete a workout during free intro class: please wear athletic apparel (particularly pants with a little stretch to them that will allow you to squat!) If it happens to be cold outside, bring a hoodie or similar warmth-inducing garment. If it’s hot outside, bring a water bottle!

The free intro class is optional but recommended so that you can meet us and find out what we’re all about before you give us any of your hard-earned cash!


Step Two: Join Up!

Group Level 1
Class Schedule


Designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently, and build your general fitness base, our Level 1 classes are accessible to all levels of athlete!

You may attend any Level 1 session — for beginners we strongly suggest attending 3-4 times per week.

Level 1 classes are designed for the generally active and injury-free athlete. If you have significant health issues, injuries, or would just like a little extra attention, we recommend that you begin with a private On Ramp (as detailed below.)

Monthly Recurring Memberships
2 Classes Per Week – $180 ($21/class)
4 Classes Per Week – $220 ($13/class)
Unlimited Classes – $250 ($9/class)

Class Card Memberships
10-Class Card – $250 ($25/class)

All memberships auto-renew each month but can be cancelled at the end of any month. Class cards auto-renew after final punch and expire after one year. NYC sales tax (4.875%) will be added to all membership prices.


Step Three: Get Advanced

Test Out Class
Class Schedule


Once you are comfortable in our Level 1 classes, we invite you to test into our Level 2 program. These classes use more advanced movements, are more challenging and more intense!

Our test out process is designed to confirm that you are familiar with the movements we use most frequently and able to complete them safely in our more advanced classes.

There is no minimum attendance requirement in Level 1 classes before an athlete may attempt the test out class. However we believe that it will typically take a new student 6-12 weeks of attendance 3 times per week in Level 1 classes to pick up the skills necessary to test into Level 2. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to test out, ask your coach — we’re here to help you!

Experienced CrossFit athletes who have regularly participated in CrossFit classes at another affiliate for at least 6 months may test directly into Level 2 classes. Please see Transferring to CrossFit Virtuosity.

Beginning Privately

Option A: Private On Ramp

Private On Ramp gets you started immediately with a series of 6 personal training sessions. After finishing your initial sessions you can decide to continue with more one-on-one sessions with your trainer at his or her standard training rate. Alternatively you can move into our group classes.*

Choose Private On Ramp if any of the following apply:

  • You have an inflexible schedule.
    Private On Ramp doesn’t require an advance commitment to a set class schedule: you may schedule-as-you-go.
  • You have training limitations.
    Our coaches will design a program that’s optimized for your fitness level and abilities, or works around your health issues or injuries.

* Individuals with significant health or orthopedic issues will remain private training clients.

Option B: Semi-Private On Ramp
$400pp for 2, $333pp for 3.SCHEDULE 2-PERSON ON RAMP »
Private On Ramp may be shared with one or two of your friends or family!

You must have 2 or 3 interested participants — we do not have the resources to coordinate groups for Semi-Private On Ramp!

Everything that applies to Private On Ramp also applies to Semi-Private On Ramp. You will be responsible for scheduling sessions and ensuring that all members of your party can attend the times you agree upon.

All members of your party must attend all sessions — if your group is forced into a break-up halfway through On Ramp, additional charges will apply and you will be responsible for working out amicably who will pay for what! Hence we strongly recommend caution when banding together with strangers!

Private Test Out

Should you be unable to make the group Saturday Level 1 Test Out time slot, we offer a private test out option.