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Beau M.

I’ve had the pleasure of going to this box quite a few times. Whenever I’m in the city, I make sure to chalk a few of my hours each day to working out here. Their drop-in fees are extremely reasonable and the staff is great! As a veteran of CrossFit since 2007, I have seen and experienced my fair share of CrossFit coaches, and the ones at Virtuosity are superb! On the occasions that I dropped in, I worked with the coaches Blanco and Gregg.

The exercises I did with Blanco were the most challenging but fun workouts I’ve had. Ask him about the wooden bar “wobbly” bench and prepare your shoulders to get humbled. Gregg is a fantastic coach who is a hard ass on form and challenging yourself, but that’s what you want and need when you’re in the last minute of a 12 minute AMRAP and your muscles are screaming. If there’s anybody I’d want pushing me forward, it would be him. I highly recommend this box to everyone in the NYC area!