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Ceren K.

Ceren K.

My endurance, strength, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness have increased exponentially as a result of CrossFit. The benchmark workout, Fran, was a highly idealistic, seemingly unattainable goal for me when I first heard about it. I’ve since finished Fran, unmodified, in under 8 minutes and I keep taking seconds off my time.

I’ve gone from a CrossFit Total of 350lb to 450lb and I realized that I have gotten in better shape (I’d say the best shape of my life) in the past 12 months of doing CrossFit than in the past 10 years of tirelessly lifting weights and working on cardio machines at other gyms.

Keith is an amazing trainer with only the best intentions for his clients and he unequivocally offers the best product around in terms of overall fitness. I make it a point to train with him whenever I am in NYC. For those who truly want to maximize their potential – begin working with Keith immediately.