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Greg C.

Greg C.

I came into Crossfit at a time of my life when I was going through a bad breakup and hated work. I was going to the gym to “lift weight” but wasn’t happy with my results. I came into Crossfit and you put me through “Diane” the first day and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Through your tutelage I improved as an overall athlete–learning to clean and press and getting proficient at a variety of gymnastic skills like the L-pullups and the muscle-up. My overall fitness has gone through the roof and I went from a husky and strong 198lbs to a lean and powerful 175–a weight I haven’t been at since college! Thanks for the tough love and telling me always “It’s not enough to get it done. Get it done right!” You’re a good coach and a better friend. You helped make me a better athlete and I get more out of daily life and my acting career looking and feeling the way I do.