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Holly M.

Holly M.

I remember the first time watching a video of what people were doing in CrossFit classes and my jaw dropped. I wanted to do all of it and at that time, knew I couldn’t do ANY of it. But now I have been working with Keith for almost a year and I cannot believe the progress!!! I’m doing things – deadlifts, pull-ups, kettle bell drills – that I never thought I could do. If you are even remotely attracted to what you see, you ought to go for it. Keith is a perfect blend of inspiring, professional, attentive, strict, tough, funny, caring, and is completely knowledgeable in so many areas.

He has this uncanny knack to know just where to push you, where to back off, how to adjust your stance, how to improve whatever you’re doing to get the most out of it. He’s serious about change – I am confident his goal is to make me the most fit, the strongest and well-rounded athlete I can be – and to be able to do what I am able to in just a year, I know what he’s doing works. If I could, I’d work out with him every day. Now stop reading and go to a class!