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Jacqueline K.

I cannot explain what I feel when I do CrossFit here except that (1) I feel every emotion I have ever felt in my life (and in a really short time span!); and (2) I feel completely, utterly addicted.

If you’ve gotten as far as Yelping CrossFit gyms, then you’ve probably heard the familiar story:  yes, I too spent years at regular gyms, saw really slow (if any) results, and was working my tail off for an hour or more a day.  It was not only unfulfilling, but it was pretty much soul-crushing. Every day I’d wake up and try to find an excuse for why I couldn’t drag myself to the gym, hop onto a machine, and spend another hour of my life bored and wondering when, dear GOD, that hour would be up.

Yeah, this is NOT like that.  NOT AT ALL.  I don’t know what other CrossFit gyms are like, but I’m not leaving this one for anything in the world.  I first attended a free intro class (check it out on their site– they are offered twice a week!) and I can tell you, I was hooked after five minutes.  Joey, the coach we had that day, explained to us the philosophy behind CrossFit and some basic movements.  He was FANTASTIC.  Amiable, hilarious, and extremely upbeat.  We then did the most intense workout I had ever done in my life (at the time).  Even though we were all racing each other, the camaraderie was really astonishing.  And Joey was there to push us.  When, for example, one of my reps was wrong, he yelled, “That was dog poop, JK!  Do it again!”  I loved that.  I NEED that kind of push and that kind of attention.

So far I am halfway through their On Ramp program, which is the program that you must do before you become a full-fledged gym member.  The amount that I have been learning each class is ridiculous.  And I am NOT over-exaggerating when I say that I can physically see and feel the results already.  That first week, Blanco and Elizabeth (two amaaaazing coaches) pushed us ohmyGOD so hard that I actually had to cancel something one day because my muscles were so sore.  But the burn was SO good.  The On Ramp program is designed incredibly well– for eight people in the class, we have three trainers.  The individualized attention that we all are getting is completely unparalleled, and having a team of seven other beginners really heightens morale.  Having the coaches push us like they do and having the rest of the group cheer each other on makes me really WANT to do well, because I don’t want to let anyone– especially myself– down.

Classes are the highlights of my weeks.  Finding a reason to not go to the gym is now something I’d never even dream of doing.  I love every minute.  I am so excited to progress and to become even more a part of this fantastic community.