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Marisela G.

Marisela G.

I started training with Keith in June of 2007. As a personal trainer myself I was looking for a way to spice up my workouts and an old boss at a gym where I worked turned me on to Crossfit. I was so enticed that I immediately found the NYC affiliate where I met Keith and thus, our friendship and my personal growth as an athlete began. My fitness background began at a very young age with dance and as a teenager, I became interested with lifting. I attended the University of North Texas and majored in music with a minor in kinesiology with hopes of one day teaching. As the years went on and I taught group fitness, as well as one-on-one personal training, I began running and Muy Thai fighting. I ran the 2006 NYC marathon and soon after I was experiencing typical dancer/fighter/runner injuries that forced me to get lazy and disenchanted with working out all together.

When I met Keith I was, as Keith put it, “Weak as a kitten.” I was 160 pounds (at an athletic 5’8″ frame, that’s totally normal) and couldn’t lift the 60% of my body weight it takes to do a push up, let alone a pull up and I had never even attempted real Olympic-style lifting. And I was a trainer with almost 10 years of experience!!! All I was used to and comfortable with was a typical “globo-gym” style work out and a lot of running. I completely fell in love with the Crossfit style workouts and with Keith’s style of teaching. He was stern and a bit intimidating at first, but i soon found that I was eager to please him and therefore, worked much harder than I had in years. His no-nonsense attitude is followed by an intimate understanding of fitness and the body (probably due to his years of martial arts and yoga training) that makes a great combination for an instructor.

By the end of August 2007 I had my first push up ever! With two months of work I had significantly increased my upper body strength and had a firm starting ground on which to base my future fitness results. In fall of 2007 I had gone from no Olympic lifting, to being able to back squat my own body weight and having a new understanding of the intricacies of cleans, power cleans, hang cleans, squat cleans, push pressing and jerking. In December I reached my biggest goal, I got a pull up. In all my years of training, I had never seen results so quickly. Between my love for this new world of fitness and Keith’s ability to get me to understand, I was amazed with how committed I felt to my fitness for the first time in my life.

A year later, I am still going strong and loving every minute of it. All of my injuries have virtually disappeared and while still at 160 pounds, my body fat has lowered significantly and I am stronger, faster and fitter than i have ever been (strong as a lion!). I don’t get to take from Keith as often as i would like due to my own scheduling conflicts, but Keith gave me the tools to be able to get to the gym and give myself a good kick in the pants every time I go. Every chance I get, I take a class from Keith at Crossfit Virtuosity. He was able to change my entire philosophy of fitness in a matter of months and get me doing things I never thought I would be able to do and/or never even dreamed of doing. Thank you so much Keith.