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Michelle F.

Michelle F.

I am a 37 year old mother of three kids — all under the age of 7. I danced professionally as a child, spent my college and post college years doing lots of cardio kickboxing (what IS that exactly?) , spinning, pilates and yoga mixed with your typical gym cardio machines. I was diligent. And at 5″5 and between 113-118 lbs I was at what almost anyone would consider thin and fit. Yet I always suffered from bursitis and awful lower back pains that no amount of physical therapy, massages or chiropractor visits seemed to help. However, I can without a doubt say that after 3 months of Crossfit I have never been in better shape in my life. Ever.

In fact, I cannot actually believe that I ever thought I was in any kind of good shape before! That counts for both strength and flexibility. Though I have ways to go and lots to learn, I have accomplished things I would never have imagined myself doing. My kids call me “Super mom” because I can deadlift 185lbs. Before Crossfit I could barely lift up my 40lb kid without hurting my back. My yoga practice has gotten better because I am stronger. And I no longer have any lower back pain. Plus there is the added advantage of having my butt look better in jeans!

I have been converted to accept that skinny and unfit is not the way to live–the extra pounds of muscle you can gain from Crossfit will give you positive results thousands of times over in every aspect of your health and fitness. It simply is the best. Crossfit is the commercial gym’s evil –but much smarter– twin. Your Crossfit workouts will be much harder-but they will be shorter, more interesting, and much more effective than any commercial gym workout.

Last but of course not least, Keith is amazing. As are the co-crossfitters. They are all there not only to challenge themselves but also to help challenge the other members, to help each one achieve his/her personal best. Cheering (and yes, cursing) is not uncommon. When was the last time anyone cheered for you in a commercial gym, let alone knew how much more weight you were lifting this week as opposed to last? It is hands down the best kind of competitive environment for working out that I have experienced. And by the way, I make this this statement after having attended every insanely competitive “mommy and me” gym class.