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Sarena K.

Sarena K.

As a new yoga teacher I was intrigued with Keith Wittenstein’s methodology when teaching yoga. His particular brand of yoga seemed more strength based than esoteric! Then one day, he was sporting a Tshirt that read CrossFit and I asked what is CrossFit. That simple question led him to invite me to a class. Man was I shocked at what the people were doing. I had never, ever seen the likes of this type of fitness. I didn’t even know what a barbell was, let alone a deadlift, a clean or a snatch!

Yet a few weeks later, I was up for the challenge and began working with Keith privately. There was no way in hell I would join a group workout as I was so out-of shape and unfit! Keith was patient with me (!!!) and encouraged me to give up my 14year obsession with vegetarianism. That step was most difficult but helped me to eventually adopt a whole new lifestyle that led to dramatic weight loss and a newfound relationship with my body, fitness and nutrition.

Eventually as I was able to accomplish more in the gym, I too joined others in group workouts. Over the last two years, with Keith’s help and guidance I became interested in Olympic Weightlifting. Now I am some 6 dress sizes smaller and compete as a Master’s lifter! In this same time period I became a grandma two times and have also won two medals O-lifting.

Keith, upon reflection that day in Central Park when you convinced me to adopt the zone method of eating, I thought you were really “out there”! But look where that has led me today. Initially, to me, fitness was talking a yoga, aqua aerobics or pilates class. It sure didn’t mean barbells, pullups or pushups!! My, my, how my life has changed in less than 2 years. I now have a full gym in my house, with a rower, rings, and even an Olympic lifting platform with all that entails!

Thanks to Keith’s ongoing support, I am now leaner, fitter and no longer have any signs or symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. The added bonus is that I have way more energy to fully enjoy and play with my grandchildren.

Coach Keith, keep at it! Your inspiration and encouragement is on the forefront of health, renewed energy and vigor to the masses. THANKS!