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Stacy K.

I’ve been going to CrossFit Virtuosity for a little over a year now. I discovered it when I moved to the area and did a Google search for gyms.  I wasn’t totally sure what I was getting myself into especially since I’m not the most athletic person… or really that coordinated for that matter. However I’ve found it to be a great place to go. In any given class will be an array of levels – from real athletes and personal trainers to people kind of suck at working out (me) and everyone gets a great workout. Sometimes I’m sore for days after!

The coaches know what they are doing. They are real form sticklers and push you to work your hardest. They are also accommodating for any kind of injuries people have. CFV has nutrition advice and even has a gym wide challenge a couple times a year that is very motivating to eat correctly.

Overall I’m extremely glad I found CFV – not only do they push me to get stronger and be faster but it’s been a great community of people to associate and become friends with.

I’ve never been to any other CrossFit place, but I have been to a LOT of other gyms and I’ve never seen results or had this much motivation from anywhere else.