Alter Egos: Rachel Martino

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Our finest investigative reporter uncovers the secret real life identities of people you’ve only ever seen in sweatpants for our documentary series ALTER EGOS. For this installment @spensermestel finds out a few things about @rachmartino!

:: Usually Attends: 12:30 L2.
:: Started CrossFit: At CFV.
:: Years of CrossFit: 1.5.
:: Origin Story: Noelle Downing, her friend (and fellow CFV member and fashion blogger), convinced her to join. After her first workout (21-15- 9 burpees and air squats), she was so sore she “had to fall onto the toilet.”
:: Fitness Background: Nothing. “I was the kid who got picked last in gym class.” But, because of CrossFit, Rachel had the confidence to explore her fitness options. Now, she goes for 60-mile bike rides on the weekends.
:: Gym Superpowers: Cute, matching workout outfits and wall balls.
:: Gym Kryptonite: Strict pull-ups.
:: Favorite Workout Music: DJ Blanco (when he plays emo music).
:: Loves Most about CFV: The community. “When you go to a spin class, no one talks to you. No one tells you if you’re doing something wrong. No one cares if you’re there.”

:: Occupation: Fashion Blogger.
:: Hometown: Lexington, KY.
:: Years in NYC: 5.
:: Origin Story: After her freshman year at Belmont, Rachel was a social media intern at Avon. She loved the industry and New York City and moved here immediately after graduation.
:: Real Life Superpowers: That je ne sais quoi. Rachel is also a Francophone YouTube star, with 206k fans from France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, North Africa, and more.
:: Real Life Kryptonite: Getting up in the morning (hence the noon class).
:: You’ll Be Surprised To Know: Rachel describes her street style as “feminine for feminists” – looking good in make-up, heels, and skirts while also fighting the patriarchy. For cute athletic apparel, she recommends Kate Spade. For comfortable, Lulu Lemon. For men, she’s drawing blank: “I’m sorry. I’m just a ladies fashion blogger!”

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