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It Starts With Food

Guest author Michele “Bitches!” Kelber brings you her take on Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s new book about their Whole30 plan for heath and wellness, It Starts With Food.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig tag team their way through the world of food. Their approach to health goes beyond the traditional outlook of “you should eat this and you shouldn’t eat that.” In a somewhat comedic way, the dynamic duo take a different and novel approach.

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We have been asked very nicely to keep the weight dropping to a minimum. Please try to be as neighborly as possible and try not to drop weights unless absolutely necessary. We understand that this will impact some of our training goals and we are searching for creative solutions in noise reduction. In the meantime try to be really awesome at gymnastics. See below for inspiration.

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Strength Bias

Why a strength bias? Actually this is just the first phase in a year-long goal of getting more of our athletes prepared for the 2013 CrossFit Games. If you have been following the Open, the Regionals and the Games, you will see that the workouts are getting heavier and harder. In an effort to remain competitive in the CrossFit world we are trending heavier too.

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