Gym Closure Contingency Plan

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Winter Training Camp ⛷☃️❄️

Governor Cuomo has indicated that gyms will be closed when NYC has held a 7-day rolling average of over 3% test positivity for more than 10 days. Given the current trend, we expect to be shut down indoors starting in mid-December.

If/when this happens, pull out your woolies and join us for Virtuosity Winter Training Camp! We will run a full outdoor class schedule, 4 days on the sidewalk and 3 days in the park.

Here’s how we plan to ride out the winter —

❄️ Patio Heaters: we’ll have a couple big ones installed across the front of the gym by mid-December to take the chill off sidewalk class.

❄️ Shorter Classes: we’re going to run shorter classes that keep you moving more consistently so the cold never gets a chance to set in.

❄️ Smaller Classes: we’ll be cutting down our class sizes to eliminate equipment sharing and try to keep everyone both close enough to a heater and far enough away from each other.

❄️ Glove-Friendly Programming: we’ve done some glove testing and will be adapting the programming to favor the glove-friendly (most dumbbell and kettlebell stuff, light barbell work, strict hanging movements) over the very grip-intensive (kipping, heavy barbell pulling.)

❄️ Zoom Options: we will offer daily Zoom classes to compliment our outdoor schedule. On snow / heavy rain days and polar vortex kinda days we will fall back to Zoom!

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