Announcing The Finalists!

By February 24, 2011 No Comments

We’re pleased to announce the finalists of our Winter Paleo Challenge!  Finalists were selected by ranking all participants by weight lost, lbs added to deadlift, seconds lost from metcon, and body composition change as judged by before/after photos.  Equal weight was given to each judging parameter.

Chad Pugh
Stanley Krauze
Ryan Luce
James Lee
Islam Moustafa

Bella Cipriani
Dana Zilber
Amy Robjohn
Maura Roessner
Lauren Cynamon

Our finalists lost a combined 79lbs over a single month, and markedly improved their deadlift and metcon performances. Congratulations to them, and great work by everyone who participated!

Now it’s time to vote for the winners!

Between now and Friday, everyone registered for the Challenge is eligible to review before/after pictures and benchmark stats, and vote for who the final male and female winners will be! Stop by Sam’s desk to cast your vote!

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