Announcing The Second Event!

By October 20, 2012 2 Comments

Our Trick-or-Treat Throwdown is coming up this Saturday!  Here’s the second event — don’t forget to get your team registered!

Event #2: “Raising The Dead”

AMRAP in 7 mins:
Synchronized “Pall Bearer” Partner Deadlifts, 135lbs

One team member will perform burpees. The remaining two team members will perform synchronized touch-and-go deadlifts: each scoring burpee must be performed at the same time as a deadlift (chest and barbell hit floor at roughly the same time.)

The barbell must not touch the ground apart from momentarily for touch-and-go deadlifts for the duration of the 7 minutes. Should the barbell rest on the ground or should either deadlifting athlete stop or re-grip while the barbell is on the ground, the team must complete a 10 pull-up penalty. Pull-ups may be completed unassisted, or teammates may lift each other. No boxes / bands / etc. may be used. Any teammate or combination of teammates may complete the pull-up penalty.

Athletes may rotate / hand off the barbell at any time, however this must be done without putting the barbell down on the ground. If either end of the barbell falls to the ground, the entire team must complete the 10 pull-up penalty as above.

Score is number of burpees completed. Any burpee that is not accompanied by a deadlift will not count towards the team score.


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