Brooklyn Barbell Club & SPA!

By April 12, 2010 14 Comments

We spend most of our time finding ways to beat you down, but this time we’re offering you something that feels good. Leah Nelson is a member here and a Licensed Massage Therapist and she has offered to turn the changing room into a spa for a day and work her magic on you.

On Wednesday, April 21st from 11am-6pm (on the hour).
Leah is charging $50 for a 45 minute session, a $20 savings! Please sign up by posting a time preference in the comments. Cash only.

Research shows that trigger points are the primary cause of pain in 85% of people seeking treatment for pain. Besides causing pain, trigger points in a muscle also make the muscle weaker, less efficient, and more taut. A recent client of Leah’s, who couldn’t lift his arm above his shoulder and started taking advil to play basketball, is now pain free after only 2 sessions.

This is highly recommended for those of you that need a spring tune-up or are getting ready for Regionals.

Help your muscles recover, lengthen, and act more efficiently with trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. Not recommended pre-workout, but perfect for a post-workout tune-up. Each session geared toward that client’s specific muscular-skeletal issues, specifically any pain or tension held. Realize your potential!

The best way to keep your body happy for the time you have it, is to start taking care of you. Come in for a massage, get rid of that tension so it doesn’t turn into pain, and enjoy a little stress relief from the City.


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