Foundations: Now Monday & Friday at 7pm

By August 15, 2009 2 Comments

Please note that our Foundations class will now take place Monday and Friday nights at 7pm. Foundations is your CrossFit primer: stop by for an introduction to the fundamental movements of CrossFit if you’re new, or to brush up on things if you’ve done some CrossFit before but are a little rusty. Have a friend who’s nervous about jumping into regular classes? Send them to this!


  • Grant Belton says:

    I am interested in coming by to take part in your foundations course on Mondays. May I come by on this Monday and maybe bring a guest.

    Thank you


  • goodsam says:

    Yes, of course you are most welcome to stop by Foundations. All of our classes are open enrollment.

    Tomorrow’s Foundations class will be rolled into our regular “Heavy Metal” class at 7pm, due to Keith being away on his honeymoon. You’re more than welcome to participate in the regular class though — the other Foundations class members will be doing that as well!

    Regular Foundations sessions will recommence on Friday.

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