This January: Get Bendy!

By December 15, 2011 5 Comments

4-week Mobility/Flexibility Intensive with Panda and Elasti
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30-10:00pm
Start Date: January 3, 2012
End Date: January 26,2012
Cost: $200
Limited enrollment


Feeling stiff? Still having problems with the overhead squat? Maybe it’s time to work on your mobility and flexibility. You should stretch a little every day, but let’s start with two days per week and take it from there. Join us Tuesday and Thursday nights for an intensive stretching session. It’s time to GET BENDY!

Each 90-minute session will focus on specific aspects of movement and mobility as they relate to exercises common to Crossfitters: Deadlifts, Squats, Oly Lifts and more! In addition we will help you to develop and overall mobility program that adresses your specific issues and preps you for any workout!

Finally, breath work will be woven throughout the program as both a tool for optimal performance and as an aid in recovery.

This class is suitable for CrossFitters of all shapes, sizes and flexibility levels.


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