Training Info
  • You must reserve a spot: all sessions are capped. Members should book through the SugarWOD app.
  • Reservations open 24 hours in advance: please only reserve if you really think you can make it, and cancel your reservation ASAP if things change so that someone else can attend.
  • Cancellation window is 2 hours in advance; if you cancel with less notice than that you will use a session.
  • All athletes must be fully vaccinated.
  • Please let us know if you’re having trouble getting a spot in class, we will be frequently reevaluating the schedule to make sure everyone can attend class.
Advanced CrossFit
  • To attend Advanced CrossFit classes, you must have graduated to Level 3.
  • If you have any questions about this class, please contact us.
YouTube At Home Class Archive
  • We maintain an archive of workouts on our YouTube channel: take your pick from hundreds of classes!
  • You will need your own weight (e.g. single dumbbell, kettlebell, or backpack of books), a jump rope, and enough room to lie down with arms and legs splayed out.

  • Visit our YouTube channel to view classes.