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Bite-Sized CrossFit Concepts: “Cardio”

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(or Why We Don’t Program “Murph” Every Day)

For today’s bite, let’s take on the elephant in the room: cardio.

The mainstream fitness prescription calls for spending hours and hours “burning calories” on the treadmill (or elliptical, or exercise bike, or whatever the cardio machine du jour happens to be.)

We do not like this. Here’s why.

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Bite-Sized CrossFit Concepts: The Hopper Model

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How do we know CrossFit improves fitness? There isn’t one definition of fitness, but we have some models that we use to define it and guide us in our quest to become more fit!

Let’s talk about The Hopper Model. Picture a hopper containing bingo balls, each of which has a different physical challenge written on it. This could be anything — a 5k run, a 1RM deadlift, shoveling a driveway, running with a 40lb suitcase through an airport to catch your flight — it’s unknown and unknowable what might come out.

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Bite-Sized CrossFit Concepts: General Physical Preparedness

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Have you been faced with a physical challenge outside the gym since you started CrossFit and been surprised at how well you handled it?

The aim of CrossFit is to prepare you for any physical challenge that might come up — whether that’s running a marathon, moving a couch into a walk-up apartment, or the zombie apocalypse! We like to be ready for the unknown and unknowable.

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