Meet Our Amazing Members

Wissam M.

Random Wissam Fact

Instead of going to college, Wissam attended culinary school in France. He's been in the hospitality industry for the last seven years, since he was 18, and has worked in France, Spain, London, and Dubai. English is his third language.

What He Loves About Virtuosity

Posting beefy pics to his Instagram.


Meet Our Amazing Members

Sandee S.

Random Sandee Fact

During her last two years of college, Sandee was a back-up dancer for Steve Yoo, a Korean pop star, and toured all over the U.S. and Brazil. Sadly, the only video evidence exists as a stack of VHS tapes in her mom’s house in California.

What She Loves About Virtuosity

The intensity. Though she’s gotten better about taking rest days, Sandee once went two weeks straight without a break.

What People Are Saying...


“If you’re not familiar with CrossFit, and you’re concerned about the cost, think about it this way: it’s basically group personal training.”


“The best CrossFit gym in NYC.”


“Amazing place, great coaches and extremely welcoming.”


“You will get awesome training, you will be in the best physical condition of your life, and best of all, this will all happen in the context of super supportive community.”