CrossFit Winter Outdoor Training Gear + Gift Guide

By November 27, 2020 2 Comments

Winter is coming… here’s our guide to staying warm for outdoor training (consider it a gift guide too!)

Some warm stuff we recommend is below (use our Amazon affiliate links to help support us over the winter!)

Full disclosure: we copped some of these recommendations from the NYT Wirecutter reviews.


Gloves / Mittens
Hats / Ear Muffs
Base Layers
Middle (Insulated) Layers
Outer (Rain/Wind) Layers
Yoga Mats

Gloves / Mittens

We tested a couple different kinds of gloves and mittens. Both worked well unless they were too thick – you want a relatively thin material here. A little grippy stuff on the palms and fingers is helpful. Mittens are typically warmer than gloves, and you don’t need to be able to separate your fingers to do CrossFit.

Note that these worked well for things that are not excessively grip-intensive. Specifically we didn’t test a glove that would allow for heavy pulling (deadlifts, heavy snatches/cleans) or kipping movements. But, these gloves should work for dumbbell and kettlebell work, lighter snatches and cleans, and strict pull-ups, strict toes-to-bar, etc.

We like these options —

Hats / Ear Muffs

You’ll want a light hat or ear muffs to keep your ears warm during training. Too heavy a hat will become overly warm.

We like these options —

Layer It Up

Dress in layers so you can strip down as you warm up. Here’s a good guide to layering from REI. https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/layering-basics.html

We’ve including some spendy and less spendy versions of everything here – the more expensive stuff tends to be more breathable, wicks sweat better, and be made from materials like wool that keep you warm even when they’re wet. However the cheaper stuff will still get the job done!

Base Layer

Middle (Insulating) Layer

Heated Options

These have a removable battery pack that runs heated coils, like a heated blanket that keeps you extra cozy.

Outer (Wind/Rain) Layer

Yoga Mat

Nothing fancy, it’s probably going to get wet and maybe muddy? We’d go for one of these —


  • Laura Savage says:

    Any recommendations on a glove for outdoor pullups, bar muscle ups etc?

    • Good Sam says:

      Hey Laura – we didn’t find a glove that would allow for kipping. We’re still looking though – we’re testing more gloves and will post our findings here!

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