Announcing The 2010 CrossFit Subway Series!

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Virtuosity vs. South Brooklyn vs. Long Island City vs. Queens.
Four teams enter and only one team leaves.

Four great affiliates, but there can be only one winner! This summer the outer boroughs will be abuzz as we go from gym to gym testing our mettle against other CrossFitters. This is a great opportunity to visit other CrossFit gyms and make some new friends. The affiliate with the best overall score wins the Subway Series Trophy, and bragging rights for a whole year.

Although only athletes competing RX’d will qualify for affiliate scoring, all athletes are encouraged to participate and watch and cheer and drink and eat. There will be scaling options available so you should all plan to come and give it a try.

Event Details

6/26, 9am @ CrossFit Long Island City, 5-26 47th Avenue, LIC, NY 11101

“Bags, Bars, Bells, Balls and a Rope”
For Time (30 minute cap):
800m Run with Sandbag 60/40#
Pull-ups, 30 reps
Overhead Squat, 95/63#, 30 reps
Double Unders, 100 reps
Kettlebell Swing, 24/16kg, 30 reps
Toes-to-Bar, 30 reps
800m Run with Med Ball 20/14#

SCORING: Lowest time wins.

Runs – Sandbag / medicine ball may be carried anyhow. Bag or ball may be dropped and picked up as necessary
Pull-ups – Each rep must begin with arms in full extension, and end with chin completely over the bar.
Overhead Squats – Each rep must begin at full hip extension, hip crease must fall below knee at the bottom, and full hip extension must be reached again at the top. Arms must remain locked out throughout the movement. If a squat snatch is used to get the bar overhead, standing the bar up out of the squat snatch DOES NOT count as the first rep.
Double-Unders – Rope must pass under feet twice for each counted rep. Attempts / missed reps must not be counted.
Kettlebell Swings – At top of swing, some part of the athlete’s ear must be visible in front of arms. Arms may be slightly bent. Hips must reach full extension.
Toes-to-Bar – Any part of both of the athlete’s feet must touch the bar for each counted rep.

AFTER-PARTY: There will be a paleo pot-luck buffet-style party following the workout — bring your favorite paleo goodies!

7/10, 9am @ CrossFit Queens, Shore Blvd underneath the RFK Bridge, Queens, NY

5K Run — 2 laps of Astoria Park (Route Map)

SCORING: Lowest time wins.

STANDARDS: Athlete may run/walk/do any combination of running and walking to complete the 5K as fast as possible. Athlete must follow designated route.


7/24, TBA @ CrossFit Virtuosity, 221 N 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Strongman Showdown! Athletes will complete each of the following events —

Turkish Delight: Each athlete attempts five one-armed Turkish Get-Ups (up only): one at each of the listed weights.
Women: 22#, 42#, 52#, 65#, 75#
Men: 65#, 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#

Atlas Stone Hoist: Each athlete must hoist three stones over a barrier. Score is total time taken to complete all three hoists. 1 minute cap.
Women: 38″ barrier; 72#, 95#, 116#
Men: 49″ barrier; 95#, 135#, 175#

Press-Off: Max reps keg shoulder-to-overhead in 30 seconds (100#/50#.)

Drag Race: 80′ sled drag (160#/100#) for time.

SCORING: Athlete receives a place position for each event. Their ultimate score will be the sum of their position for each individual event — lowest score wins. Tiebreaker will be a last man standing fat bar deadlift contest.

Turkish Delight: Any variety of Get-Up is valid. Both arms may be used to press the weight for as long as one of the athlete’s shoulders remains on the ground. After the shoulders leave the ground, the athlete may use either arm to complete the lift. The weight must start on the ground, and the athlete must reach full arm, hip and leg extension at the top. Descent may be indelicate. Athlete has 1 minute to complete each Get-Up.
Atlas Stone Hoist: Basically none. Stone has to start on ground and end on other side of barrier. Stone can hit barrier as long as it ends up passing over the top of it. If the athlete knocks the barrier over completely, they receive a DNF score for the workout.
Press-Off: Keg must be cleaned from the ground to the chest prior to first press. For each rep, keg must touch chest at bottom, and arms, hips, and legs must be fully extended at top of lift.
Drag Race: Hands must remain in straps (sled can’t be tied on; athlete can’t put arms completely through straps.) Athlete may face either forward or backward.


7/31, TBA @ CrossFit South Brooklyn, 597 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk, 3 attempts, 3 minute cap
1 Rep Max Snatch, 3 attempts, 3 minute cap

SCORING: Athlete receives a place position for each lift. Their ultimate score will be the sum of their position for clean & jerk and position for snatch — lowest score wins. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the athlete whose combined total for clean & jerk and snatch is the largest.

Clean & Jerk: Each attempt begins on ground. Athlete must reach full leg and hip extension at the top of the clean, and hold the bar in a rack position such that his or her elbows are in front of the barbell when viewed from the side. The clean may be power, squat, or split. The jerk begins in the rack position (elbows may move back,) and ends overhead with arms, hips, and legs all fully extended, and the weight under control. Athlete may use a squat jerk or a split jerk. If a split jerk is used, feet must be brought together to complete the lift. Athlete should maintain the top position of the jerk until their judge has indicated that the lift is valid and complete.
Snatch: Each attempt begins on ground. Athlete must reach full arm, leg and hip extension at the top of the lift, and the weight must be under control. The snatch may be power, squat, or split. Snatches may be ugly as all get-out, as long as the athlete locks out the weight over their head (i.e. pressing the weight out at the top is okay.) Athlete should maintain the top position of the snatch until their judge has indicated that the lift is valid and complete.


Overall Scoring

For each event, affiliates will receive points based on the average score of their three top-finishing RX’d athletes (3 male, 3 female.)

1st place: 4 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 2 points
4th place: 1 point

The ultimate series winner will be the affiliate with the most points after all 4 events have been completed. In the event of a tie, a 5th tie-breaking event will be held.


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